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Pilot Issue  (April 2014)

Editor’s Introduction

City of the Queen, an Epic Tale of Colonial Hong Kong, by Jini Wang

Critical Book Report on The Fall of Hong Kong: Britain, China, and the Japanese Occupation, by Pui Yan Lam

Hong Kong Film, Hollywood and the New Global Cinema: No Film is an Island, by Wenqi Guo

Is a Fair Outcome of Globalization Attainable Both for Developed and Developing Countries?, by Kristian Øfstegaard Viflot

On Free Will, by Zhuhai Ye

Scientific Method, by Yaqi Wan

The Cinema of Hong Kong: History, Arts and Identity Hong Kong Cinema and Its Interaction with Global Culture, by Zhen Zhao

The Different Forms and Functions of the Goddess Kwan Yin, by Pak Yeung Law

The Meaning of Life, by Iris Ching Lam Wong

The Strengthening of the Guanyin Cult through Divination in Hong Kong, by Ursula Young

Time Traveling to the Past, by Chi Wai Law

Reflecting on Managing Organisations, by Sarah Millar

Inaugural Issue (Issue 1; November 2015)

Editor’s Introduction

Aiko, by Ip Ling, Elaine

Fight or flight, by Yau Yuk Ki, Katy

Learning English in 3d, by Ho Lap Kwan, Lawrence

Project proposal – The integration of GPS tracking and aerial shooting technology in outdoor sports events, by Wong Kwan Ho, Marco

Proposal of all-rounded educational toy – Mickey ball catcher,  by Wu Cheuk Yan, Venus

The greatest fear, by Lee Shuk Ching, Janet

The reflection of identities between my grandfather and me in different centuries, by Wong Him Chin, Chelsea

Issue 2  (September 2016)

Editor’s Introduction

About Inscribe Issue 2

Reader’s Choice Contest

Ugly Shoes Must Die , by Sidra Khan

The Secret of the Mooncake , by Winson Pan

An Analytical Essay on Poem Reflection – Wasted , by Heidi Tse

A Comparison of the Paintings of Bada Shanren and Shitao of the Qing Dynasty , by Liu Hong

Partial Assimilation: Mainland Chinese New Migrants in Singapore , by Jin Luo

Comments on Wu Yu’s Critique of the Confucian Teaching of Filial Piety and Conflicts within Filial Piety , by David Xu

Makeferrence Manifesto , by Geovanny Lay

A Memoir , by Anonymous

The Story of Andras, the Hero, and Grapto, the Convict , by Douglas Liu

It Ends with a Beginning , by Viola Chong

Issue 3  (September 2017)

Editor’s Introduction

About Inscribe Issue 3

Reader’s Choice Contest

Blood and hair: Human bodily materials in the works of Wenda Gu , by Max Lee

An evaluation of the implementation of communal conservancies in Namibia , by Yiu Pui Ying, Joanne

Weeding out Weed Laws , by Vivian Tsui

An Enterprise Information System for retail companies’ internal inventory management technology proposal , by LIU Qihong, Leo

Revolution: The Right Way , by Anoushka Mahar

The Mountain or the River? , by Bei Ho Pan

Humanity’s Primal Fears: Interpreting The Fly , by Anson Wang Zhuo Li

Blossom Season and Rainy Days , by Anna Tao

Issue 4  (October 2018)

Editor’s Introduction

About Inscribe Issue 4

Shifting Female Identity in Paris: Manet’s Altered “Barmaid” in Folies-Bergère as an Allegory (1880s), by LI Ruowei

Shifters,  by Maciej Nowakowski

How does Zhang Hongtu’s Artwork Reflect his Cultural Diversity? , by Syeda Aimen Abbasi

The Cursed Life of Carl Flowers , by Geisty Shu

The “Dear Sisters” Who Can’t Hear the Time’s Up Alarm , by Zere Kairbekova

Membership with a Price: Weakened Sovereignty in the Age of the WTO , by Isaac Wong

Counting Stars, by Jocelin Vania Cindy

Which Legal Approach to Prostitution Protects the Sex Workers Best? , by DAI Zhiping Lionel