Revolution: The Right Way

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Revolution: The Right Way
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Revolution: The Right Way

Anoushka Mahar, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Rampant crime, corrupt politicians, the rich getting richer: Batman may seem like the answer to our problems, but sadly, he is not…


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Anoushka Mahar is a student in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Accounting and Finance programme. Originally from India, she has lived in China for almost ten years. A self-proclaimed “big comic book geek”, she aims to travel to at least 30 countries and learn to speak five languages.


I wanted my manifesto to be intellectual without being mundane. I decided to write about social issues in Gotham City, the home of Batman, because I believe that many comic books successfully narrate societal issues while including the exciting superhero element. The editing process with Inscribe has truly been wonderful for I had the opportunity to meet and work with people who are truly passionate about writing. Even though this manifesto was initially just an assignment for a class, it developed into something much more significant to me. In my opinion, this script is a somewhat caricatured representation of this generation’s view on politics. It features defiance of political authorities, critique of political systems and a will to change the society for the better.