First Taste of Salt

First Taste of Salt

First Taste of Salt

Yung Wing Chit (Vinci), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The following reflects on child’s summer day and how fleeting life can be.

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Yung Wing Chit (Vinci)

Vinci is a third-year student at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University studying Medical Laboratory Science. With passion for both science and literature, she aspires to become a medical professional and perhaps a poet who strives to bridge the divide between art and science through her works. She is at times a sentimentalist, indulging in nostalgia for the bygone eras of her hometown, Hong Kong. During the weekends, you may find her treasure hunting in various antique shops or losing herself in books of poetry and prose.

Author’s Introduction

This piece was originally written for the 2019 READ@PolyU Writing Contest, but its inspiration came from my own experiences growing up by the seaside. It was these years that nurtured my love for nature, and I have always felt a connection to the sea and its waves. In this story, I wanted to explore how the ordinary affects our lives in unexpected but profound ways, using the ever-changing sea as a backdrop.

I am not experienced in writing short stories, so the writing process was quite a challenge, in that I had to create something that is concise yet still imparts a meaningful message to the readers. It was immensely rewarding to undergo the editing process with Inscribe, as it has prompted me to look at my writing with a critical eye, both stylistically and conceptually.

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