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Ma Yan Tung Roni, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

A mysterious letter and a red leather suitcase begin Lenna’s fantastic journey in this enticing fantasy short story.

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Ma Yan Tung Roni

Majoring in English for Professional studies at PolyU, Roni is passionate about literature. She is a fan of poems, films, novels and short stories, as well as storytelling. Imagery and symbolism are her favourite literary tools for creating word magic. She is also involved in drama and acting, and hopes to explore theatre arts in her future.

Author’s Introduction

Fascinated by reading, I have always wanted to write my own story. This wish came true when I came across the course ELC1A04 From Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter: Fantasy, reality and humanity. I struggled when writing the story ending, as I know happy endings are not surprising, but I just couldn’t bring myself to give my characters a sad fate. My beloved teachers, editors, and reader friends came in and helped. I learnt more about human emotions through the writing process, and this experience has given me a clearer understanding of humanity, as well as inspired me to continue being creative.

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Photo by David Garrido on Unsplash