Copyright Issues

  1. Inscribe: A journal of undergraduate writing in Asia is a product of the English Language Centre at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  2. At the time of submission, work to the journal should be original and not have been submitted for publication or published elsewhere.
  3. Where necessary, the Author of a written work has acquired permission for any copyrighted images included in that work, has included the relevant signed permission documents, and has captioned these images properly in the work. Images without this information will be removed.
  4. Rights revert back to the Author / Artist upon publication of the work.
  5. The Publisher will have the right to edit an Author’s original written work and any revisions provided that the meaning of the text is not substantially altered.
  6. The Author / Artist understands that no royalties or remuneration will be paid by the Publisher to the Author / Artist for the work, and that the work is being submitted on a voluntary basis for the professional recognition obtained by the publication.
  7. The Publisher may publish the work on a platform which is open to the Public and therefore subject to viewing and commentary by the Public. Any use or reproduction of the work by others requires permission by the Publisher; additionally, the Author’s / Artist’s name must accompany the work.
  8. This Agreement shall be binding between all parties involved, may not be modified without signed consent by the respective parties involved, and is governed by the laws of the Hong Kong SAR.