Counting Stars

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Counting Stars

Jocelin Vania Cindy, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


The world was a beautiful place before the government was replaced by human-droids.
Now, all systems were operated by “trusted professionals” made from electric machines. They were advanced and sophisticated, but literally heartless…

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Jocelin Vania Cindy is a Year 2 student from Indonesia studying Product Analysis and Engineering Design. Her diverse interests include classic movies, indie music, and sci-fi and epic fantasy novels. She enjoys traveling and sightseeing, and aims to be a blessing for other people.



While reading an unauthorized autobiography of Elon Musk, I learned about his ambition to colonize Mars. When choosing a topic for ELC-1A01 Science Fiction as a Reflection on Humanity, I decided to write a story about a Martian but with the twist of a dystopian ending. Writing with the perspective of an imaginative character and linking events together into a story was a fun challenge. I was encouraged to publish it in Inscribe as I received astonishing and supportive feedback from my teacher and friends. As a writer, I learned to express a story that would reach the readers by heart. I see writing as a way to communicate my thoughts. The story is meant for the wanderers and dreamers, the youth and the purposeful, for a future you get to write yourself.