New Methods for Regrowing Nerves could Reverse Blindness

New Methods for Regrowing Nerves could Reverse Blindness

New Methods for Regrowing Nerves could Reverse Blindness

Anastassiya Kim, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

This informative popular science feature article explores how two millimeters of nerve fibers has made a revolution in neuronal regeneration.

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Anastassiya Kim

Throughout her life, Anastassiya has always been curious about science. As a child, she loved reading encyclopedias and learning why the sky is blue and how fish can breathe underwater. She hopes that more people can appreciate science – which can be found everywhere. Coming from Kazakhstan, Anastassiya inherited the free spirit of these lands. She believes that knowledge is true freedom and should be available to everybody. Witnessing the importance of education and cutting-edge research during the ongoing pandemic, she aspires to become a scientist and disseminate scientific knowledge to the world.

Author’s Introduction

Science is a big part of my life. For a long time, I felt lonely because everyone around me found science boring. Since then, I have developed great respect for science communication. In Grade 10, when my friends were into K-pop idols, I was fangirling over Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, and other great science communicators. I wrote this article for ELC3121 English for Scientific Communication. During that time, I read a research paper on neuroregeneration, which I fell in love with, so I thought that writing about it would be pure pleasure. It was my first time writing a feature article about science. I wanted to make it exciting while still keeping the facts right. Adapting technical language to a general audience while maintaining scientific integrity was the biggest challenge. I was unsure about both my writing skills and my knowledge of science. But after a friend of mine said that it was the best article about science he had ever read, I gained more confidence in my work. It has been more than a month since then. At this time, I’m writing articles about COVID-19 research for local medical professionals as a volunteer in Kazakhstan. Writing for the ELC course and Inscribe gave me valuable experience which I can use for a good cause now. I hope to continue writing about science in my future career because it is the only story which I know is worth telling the whole world.

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