Editors’ Introduction (Issue 4)

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Dear Readers

In Issue 4, we invite you to enjoy the creative and critical writing of eight undergraduates at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Issues of women’s roles and identity are the focus in two critical pieces: The “Dear Sisters” Who Can’t Hear the Time’s Up Alarm, a feature article by Zere Kairbekova, and Shifting Female Identity in Paris: Manet’s Altered Barmaid” in Folies-Bergère as an Allegory (1880s), an analytical art essay by LI Ruowei.

Current international issues are analysed in two academic argumentative essays: Isaac Wong’s Membership with a Price: Weakened Sovereignty in the Age of the WTO and DAI Zhiping Lionel’s essay Which Legal Approach to Prostitution Protects the Sex Workers Best?

Multiple cultures and identities are explored in two other works: How does Zhang Hongtu’s Artwork Reflect his Cultural Diversity?, an analytical art essay by Syeda Aimen Abbasi, and Counting Stars, a science fiction story by Jocelin Vania Cindy.

Finally, two fantasy short stories transport the reader to intriguing other worlds: Geisty Shu’s The Cursed Life of Carl Flowers and Maciej Nowakowski’s Shifters.

The authors represent four PolyU faculties, Business, Engineering, Health and Social Science, and Humanities. These works originated in general education CAR and language courses as writing assignments in various genres and topics.

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of many colleagues who have donated their time and effort to produce this issue, including our editors, review panel members, proofreaders, and advisors listed below.

We invite you to explore our latest issue and appreciate the voices and talents of PolyU’s impressive undergraduate student authors.

Yours faithfully

Chrissy Burns, Editor-in-Chief (Editorial)
Dr. Dennis Foung, Executive Editor

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