Humanity’s Primal Fears: Interpreting The Fly

Humanity’s Primal Fears: Interpreting The Fly
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Humanity’s Primal Fears: Interpreting The Fly

Anson Wang Zhuo Li, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


In the classic horror film The Fly, the unlucky scientist Seth Brundle undergoes a torturous transformation into a man/fly hybrid. This essay explores how these changes illuminate humanity’s primal fears and mirror the struggles of people with certain degenerative diseases.


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Anson Wang Zhuo Li is a Hong Kong Polytechnic University student from Guangdong, China. His passion for the horror genre was ignited by his elder sister. A student in the Hotel Management programme, he aims to become a successful hotel manager and owner.


Firm interest in horror films and novels led the author to write this essay for the course ELC1C05 Horror in English Literature and Film. This essay explores the causes and effects of human’s primal fears in the film The Fly, and links these fears to the physical and psychological aspects of common diseases in a unique way. This essay is the crystallization of his self-revision with the help of Mr. Todd in the editing process.

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