Editor’s Introduction (Issue 3)

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Editor’s Introduction (Issue 3)

Dear Readers

From fantasy to film, art to technology, social critique to feature article – the range of topics and genres in Issue 3 provides an insightful glimpse into the depth and breadth of the writing of undergraduate students at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Issue 3 of Inscribe features the writing of eight student authors from four of our faculties and  schools: Engineering, Business, Health and Social Sciences, and the School of Hotel and Tourism Management. These manuscripts were written as student assignments in many of PolyU’s general education and language courses and have been adapted for the enjoyment of a wider audience.

Two scripts with origins in advanced English language courses challenge and question society’s conventions: Both Vivian Tsui’s feature article Weeding out Weed Laws and Anoushka Mahar’s manifesto Revolution: The Right Way combine youthful passion with an effective and convincing way with words.

Contemporary art and classic film horror are rich areas of analysis for two authors: Max Lee’s Blood and Hair: Human Bodily Materials in the Works of Wenda Gu and Anson Wang Zhuo Li’s Humanity’s Primal Fears: Interpreting The Fly look below the surface to uncover hidden meanings and implications of artistic expression.

African conservation practices are investigated and assessed by Yiu Pui Ying, Joanne in An Evaluation of the Implementation of Communal Conservancies in Namibia, while LIU Qihong, Leo proposes an IT system to enhance efficiency with An Enterprise Information System for Retail Companies’ Internal Inventory Management Technology Proposal.

Finally, two short stories transport the reader to other times and places. Be Ho Pan draws us into a magical adventure in The Mountain or the River?, while Anna Tao vividly captures the struggles and growth of teenage years in Blossom Season and Rainy Days.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous contributions of many colleagues who have donated their time and effort to produce this issue, including our editors, review panel members, proofreaders, and advisors listed below.

We invite you to explore our latest issue and appreciate the voices and talents of PolyU’s impressive undergraduate student authors.

Yours faithfully

Chrissy Burns, Editor-in-Chief (Editorial)
Dr. Dennis Foung, Executive Editor



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  • Ms. Chrissy Burns (Editorial)
  • Dr. Dennis Foung (Executive Editor)

Editorial Panel

  • Mr. Richard Brooke
  • Dr. Jack K.C. Chun
  • Mr. Adam Forrester
  • Mr. Andrew Morrall
  • Dr. Bruce Morrison
  • Dr. Jane Robbins
  • Ms. Jane Stokes

Faculty Editors

  • Mr. Adam Barker
  • Mr. Richard Brooke
  • Ms. Kay Chan
  • Ms. Caitlin Feenstra
  • Dr. Tim Lee
  • Ms. Jane Stokes
  • Mr. Phil Todd


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  • Dr. Tim Lee
  • Mr. Jim Lo
  • Mr. Keenan Manning
  • Ms. Caroline Nixon
  • Ms. Bonnie Wu

Director of the English Language Centre

  • Dr. Bruce Morrison

Senior Faculty Advisor

  • Ms. Shari Dureshahwar Lughmani

Founding Editor-in-Chief

  • Mr. Dean A. F. Gui