Weeding out Weed Laws

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Weeding out Weed Laws
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Weeding out Weed Laws

Vivian Tsui, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Innocent blossom or menacing threat? This provocative piece presents the underlying medical, cultural and economic aspects of marijuana prohibition. Is Hong Kong ready for legal weed?


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Vivian Tsui is a Radiography student at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. An amateur photographer and bedroom musician, she enjoys fencing and keeping up with social media.


When I finally gathered the strength to pick up my pen for my assignment after hours (read: days) of procrastination, never could I imagine the product of my brain-constipation making it to publication. Being able to defend the case for a social issue I genuinely feel passionate about while earning credits for graduation feels almost like cheating. Working with the editor is a great joy, and having the opportunity to take part in the publishing process is an eye-opening experience for literature noobs like me. Hope you enjoy the feature article as much as I do!