Editor’s Introduction

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Editor’s Introduction


Dear readers 

Welcome to Issue 8 of Inscribe: A Journal of Undergraduate Writing, hosted by the English Language Centre (ELC) at PolyU.  

Since our last issue, another year of living amidst the global pandemic have had us wondering about our future, yearning for escape, and dreaming of transformation. These themes are reflected in the engaging written works of six PolyU undergraduates of Issue 8.

Five of these works originated as class assignments in ELC and CAR EWR subjects in academic year 21-22. These have been polished and in some cases adapted for the enjoyment of a wider audience. An original poem is showcased as well.

Starting the issue in the realm of fantasy, Chan Tsz Hei, Hedy shares a spellbinding story of a loyal handmaid and an intriguing creature of magic in The Gleaming Emerald.

Taking a critical turn to technology, buckle up and explore the article Considering a shared future between humans, post-humans and AI. Author Cheah Yeok Tatt discusses thought-provoking topics such as human enhancement, AI, ethics, and science fiction media.

The contemplation of a future with AI continues in River’s Song set in the dystopian state of Ashmore. This stimulating science fiction story is written by Alicia Cheung.

Returning to the earthly struggles of everyday modern life, a teenager’s transformation is vividly portrayed by author Hui Nga Chit, Cheryl, in the screenplay The Meek.

Continuing the theme of identity, author David Vallo engages us in existential questions about the roles we play in life. Enjoy the short (but sweet) poem, titled I by D.

Rounding out our issue is The Vending Machine, a screenplay written by Tracy Chow. The nostalgic script explores the impact of a piece of technology on human relations.

We congratulate these six undergraduates for their polished and engaging writing. 

Issue 8 was produced with the invaluable service of  six review panel members, five editors, and two proofreaders from the ELC. Their contributions are much appreciated.

Additionally, Inscribe welcomed our first editorial intern, Ileana Pal, whose creative writing and critical eye enhanced our issue’s appeal. ELC hopes to continue to involve PolyU students in the future publishing of our journal.

Are you ready to journey into the unknown? From fantastic to futuristic, technological to terrestrial, the stories, screenplays, article and poem of Issue 8 will leave a lasting impression. Enjoy!

Yours faithfully 

Chrissy Burns, Editor-in-Chief 

Inscribe: A Journal of Undergraduate Writing in Asia is hosted and supported by the English Language Centre of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.



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