It Ends with a Beginning

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It Ends with a Beginning
Adapted from the poster for an opera, La Boheme by Adolfo Hohenstein

It Ends with a Beginning

Viola Chong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


‘Colin! Colin! Look at me! Don’t fall asleep!’

 Is there someone talking to me? It sounds so familiar.

 Grandpa? Is that you? Am I in heaven now?


I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn’t. I was knackered. It was so hot that I felt like I was melting. 

Something was getting heavier in my hand. What was it? I used all my energy to open my eyes…


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Viola Chong has just kick-started her career in the translation industry, after finishing her Fashion degree at the The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is a passionate person, always looking for new adventures in life. An unabashed daydreamer, she is a Soprano, who loves Bach and Mozart.


A life-long reader and fan of fiction, the author never considered writing her own story until enrolled in ELC1A04 exploring Fantasy, Reality, and Humanity in her final year of university. Through this process, she discovered writing as a platform to share her imagination and fantasyland with others.