Lesson 9

How to say it - /m/, /n/ & /ŋ/ sounds

Introduction to /m/, /n/ & /ŋ/

/m/ is spelt 'm', /n/ is spelt 'n' and /ŋ/ is spelt 'ng'. The difference between these consonants is that /m/ is made with the mouth closed, /n/ with the mouth open a bit and the tongue touching the side teeth at the front so that the air cannot escape through the lips, and /ŋ/ the same as /n/, but with the tongue further back.

Video of Mouth

Follow the instructions as they appear in the video.

/m/ sound


/n/ sound

/ŋ/ sound

Pronunciation Tips

/n/ & /ŋ/ sounds


/m/, /n/ & /ŋ/ sounds

/ŋ/ & /n/ sounds