Lesson 10

How to say it - /w/ & /j/ sounds

Introduction to /w/

To make this sound, say /uː/ first, then move your lips back and a bit more together. This is a short sound, open your mouth more to move on to the next sound. /w/ is voiced.

/w/ is spelled as 'w'; eg. in 'won' /wʌn/, 'o'; eg. in 'one' /wʌn/, and as 'u' eg. in 'Queen' /kwiːn/.

Introduction to /j/

This sound's symbol looks like the letter 'j' but the sound is different. However, in some European languages; eg. German, the letter'j' is pronounced /j/, and this is the same in the phonemic alphabet. In English this sound is written as 'y'.

To make this sound, first say /iː/ very quickly, then move on to the next sound. Don't touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue.

A way to remember this is to think of 'yellow' /jeləʊ/.

Video of Mouth

Follow the instructions as they appear in the video.

/w/ sound


/j/ sound

Pronunciation Tips

/w/ & /v/ sounds


/j/ sound