Lesson 4

Comparing /ɪə/, /eɪ/, /ʊə/ & /ɔɪ/


Click these buttons to hear the four sounds:

= +
[Sounds like 'ear'.]
To make this sound, say /iː/, then move your tongue back and down and your lips less wide to make the /ə/ sound.
= +
[Sounds like the name of the letter 'a'.]
To say this sound, say a long /e/ sound followed by a short /ɪ/ sound. The /eɪ/ sound is made as you move your mouth. Move your tongue up from /e/ to /ɪ/, and close your mouth slightly.
= +
[Sounds like the 'ewer' in 'newer'.]
To make this sound, say /ʊ/, then open your mouth, stop rounding your lips, and move your tongue down to say /ə/.
= +
[Sounds like the 'oy' in 'boy'.]
To make the /ɔɪ/ sound, say a long /ɔː/ first, then move your tongue up and forward. Widen your lips for the /ɪ/.


Read the word in phonemics, then use the keyboard to type in the word in normal English letters. Then press 'Enter' to check your answers.

1. /bɪər/
2. /beɪ/
3. /bɔɪ/
4. /feɪt/
5. /fɪə/
6. /ɔɪl/
7. /sʊə/
8. /sɔɪl/
9. /seɪ/
10. /seɪl/


Story - Chapter 3

Read the story and answer the question. If you are not sure of the sound of a letter, click it to hear it.

/ rɪbət



















ldə /


How did Ribbit move? He

Type the answer into the box above, then click 'Answer'.