Lesson 6

How to say it - /t/ & /d/ sounds

Introduction to /t/ & /d/

These consonants are spelt with the same letters as the symbols for the sounds, so /t/ = 't' and /d/ = 'd'.
To make these sounds, put the front end (the tip) of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, just inside the teeth.

Use your tongue to stop air going out of your mouth. Increase the air pressure inside your mouth, then suddenly push the tongue forward.

The difference between /t/ and /d/ is that /t/ is an unvoiced sound, and /d/ is a voiced sound. In /d/ the air touches the vocal cords and makes them vibrate. In /t/ the air does not vibrate the vocal cords

Video of Mouth

Follow the instructions as they appear in the video.

/t/ sound


/d/ sound

Pronunciation Tips

/t/ & /d/ sounds