Lesson 3

How to say it - /ɑː/ & /ɒ/ sounds


ː/ sound

This is a long 'a' sound; eg. in 'heart' /hɑːt/.

Be careful of the shape of this letter:

The spelling of /ɑː/ is sometimes:
'a'; eg. in 'father' /fɑːðə/ or:
'ar'; eg. in 'yard' /jɑːd/ or:
'ear': eg. 'heart' /hɑːt/.

The lips are open the same, but are wider in /æ/. The tongue is lower and further back in /ɑː/.

/ɒ/ sound

This sound is written with the letters 'o'; eg. in 'shot' /ʃɒt/; and 'as'; eg. in 'washing' /'wɒʃiŋ/.

To make this sound, move your tongue back and make your lips round and forward. Use your voice.


'He's been shot !' /ʃ ɒ t/

Video of Mouth

Follow the instructions as they appear in the video.

ː/ sound


/ɒ/ sound

Pronunciation Tips

ː/ sound


/ɒ/ sound