Lesson 8

How to say it - /ʧ/ & /ʤ/ sounds

Introduction to /ʧ/ & /ʤ/

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/ʧ/ is made of /t/ and /ʃ/. Like a diphthong, these 2 sounds together make /ʧ/. Ths sound is written as 'ch' (church) or 'tu' (nature). However, 'ch' is sometimes pronounced 'sh' /ʃ/; eg. in 'chef' /ʃef/.

/ʧ/ is unvoiced because both /t/ and /ʃ/ are unvoiced.

/ʤ/ is made of /d/ and /z/. This sound is written as 'j', 'ge'; eg. in 'age' or 'gi'; eg. in 'giant'. It is voiced because both /d/ and /z/ are voiced.

'ch' = /ʧ/
eg. in 'church'
'j', 'ge' & 'gi' = /ʤ/
eg. in 'judge'

Introduction to /s/, /z/, /ʃ/, /ʒ/, /ʧ/ & /ʤ/


/s/ and /ʃ/ are unvoiced. /z/ and /ʒ/ are voiced. In /s/ and /z/ the tongue is lower and further forward than /ʃ/ and /ʒ/. /ʧ/ = /t/ + /ʃ/. /ʤ/ = /d/ + /ʒ/.

/s/ is sometimes spelt 'ce'; eg. in 'distance'. Sometimes the /ʃ/ sound is in a word, even if the letter 'h' is not there; eg. in 'sure' /ʃɔː/ and 'sugar' /ʃʊgə/. /ʒ/ is the sound in 'leisure' and 'Asia.

Video of Mouth

Follow the instructions as they appear in the video.

/ʧ/ sound


/ʤ/ sound

Pronunciation Tips

/ʧ/ & /ʤ/ sounds