Like Water

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Like Water

Fung Sum Yi, Popo, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

A fantastic adventure awaits a humble hero, whose journey reveals his true calling. He will need the help of an unlikely friend and some mysterious family heirlooms. 

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Fung Sum Yi, Popo

Entering her second year of study in Occupational Therapy at PolyU, Popo is passionate about both science and art. She finds solace in the pursuit of beauty, be it in the form of dance or words, expressing her enthusiasm through dancing and reading. When the bustle of student life gets hectic, reading allows her to escape reality and to seek comfort from captivating words. Inspired by various talented authors, Popo strives to one day connect with others through creating memorable stories that leave an impression on people’s hearts. 

Author’s Reflection

As someone who enjoys reading, I’ve always wanted to write my own story, but ‘being too busy’ is often the reason (excuse!) for me not to do so. It was until I joined the course ELC1A04 From Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter: Fantasy, reality and humanity when I finally challenged myself to produce a story that is somewhat satisfactory. Creating a story from scratch is never easy, not to mention the effort and time it requires to make a story believable, by carefully considering its plot, setting, characterizations and the vocabulary used.  From building the plot of the story to finally publishing it, the entire process took 6 long months, so this experience has definitely brought my respect for authors to a whole new level.

The story that you are about to read is the product of many sleepless nights and excessive daily caffeine intakes, so every read is greatly appreciated. I would also like to extend my gratitude to my parents, who so lovingly endured my bad temper whenever I had writer’s block in the story writing process, which was very frequent.

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