Editors’ Introduction

Editors’ Introduction

Dear Readers

In Issue 5, we invite you to enjoy the creative and analytical writing of five undergraduates at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

  • Let There Be No Light, a fantasy short story by Wong Xiu Wei
  • Rethinking Linguistic Relativity: Does Language Shape our Thought? by Celia Liu
  • Tasty Meal or Man’s Best Friend? by LI Zuchen, Mike
  • Climate Change: Investigating the Hurdles to Action by Gautham Gopinath
  • A selection of poems: Altitude, Time-Lapse, and Unfinished, by Chatty Indrawan

We invite you to explore our latest issue and appreciate the voices and talents of PolyU’s impressive undergraduate student authors.

Yours faithfully

Chrissy Burns, Editor-in-Chief
Adam Barker, Editor-in-Chief

Inscribe is hosted and supported by the English Language Centre of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


  • Chrissy Burns
  • Adam Barker

Editorial Panel

  • Dr. Jack K.C. Chun
  • Adam Forrester
  • Shari Lughmani
  • Andrew Morrall
  • Dr. Bruce Morrison
  • Dr. Jane Robbins

Faculty Editors

  • Kay Chan
  • Dr. Tim Lee
  • Phil Todd


  • Cameron Darcy
  • Dr. Tim Lee
  • Freeman Tai
  • Bonnie Wu

Director of the English Language Centre

  • Dr. Bruce Morrison

Senior Faculty Advisor

  • Shari Lughmani

Founding Editor-in-Chief

  • Dean A. F. Gui

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