EIW Materials in CILL

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EIW Internet Materials

Accessing the Workplace:

Business Letters, Memos and E-mails


Report Writing

Content and Organisation


  • Report Writing: Introductions - a page to help you understand the content and grammar of report introductions. It contains explanations, an example and an exercise.
  • Report Introductions - a text-reconstruction exercise to help you remember the language of the introduction to a report.

Method / Methodology / Procedure

Findings and Discussion



Practice Materials

EIW Proficiency Materials

Other EIW Resources

Speaking practice - For job interviews, socialising, discussion and negotiations practice in small groups with a teacher, come to CILL and join SAP.

Writing practice - For practice and feedback on memos, letters and reports, done in small groups with a teacher, come to CILL and join SAP, or go to the WAP.

CILL EIW Materials Lists

These lists show selected materials in CILL for studying these topics:

As an Internet Page In Microsoft Word format
Socialising Socialising.doc
Discussions Discussions.doc
Negotiations Negotiations.doc
Memos and Letters Memos & letters.doc
Business reports Business reports.doc
Accessing the Workplace Accessing the workplace.doc


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