Job Application Letter Writer

Aim: The aim of this page is to help you write the first draft of your job application letter.
Stages: There are 3 stages in this program: analyzing the job advert, putting in the details of the company or organisation, and finally filling in the details in the letter. Afterwards you should edit your letter to make sure that the content fits the job you want and your personal skills and abilities that are relevant to that job. For example, you may have relevant experiences from a previous job that you want to describe in more detail.
Instructions: Fill in the boxes, then press the 'Re-do' button at the bottom. You can edit any box.
Click here to see an example letter made by this program.
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This form does not send any personal data to the ELC

Stage One: Analyzing the Job Advert

What is the job title? <<
Fill in any reference number here: ( )

What skills and personal qualities are required? Only put in the type of skills, e.g. communication skills, don't copy the phrase from job advert exactly, as it may contain grammatical errors, and don't put in adjectives such as 'good' or 'excellent'.

Click on the closest phrases to the ones in the job advert:

If the skill or personal quality you want is not in this list, you can write it in these boxes, and check that it is a noun (so it fits with the grammar of the sentences in this program) by clicking the link next to the box.
< Check it's a noun <<
< Check it's a noun<<
< Check it's a noun
< Check it's a noun
< Check it's a noun
< Check it's a noun
< Check it's a noun
< Check it's a noun
< Check it's a noun
< Check it's a noun.

What languages are required?
English Spoken English  Written English
Mandarin / Putonghua Spoken Mandarin / Putonghua Written Mandarin / Putonghua

Is it necessary to work in mainland China?     Yes             No

See letter

Stage Two: Details of the Company/Organisation

What is the name of the company or organisation you are applying to?

Why should the organisation employ you?
( Click here to do an Internet search for the company and find out about its operations and plans for the future.)


Your company is planning to expand its mainland operations, and I can contribute to this with my language skills. (Insert)
Your organisation is strengthening its IT capabilities, and I can contribute to this with my IT skills and my communication skills. (Insert)

You can use the present continuous tense to describe processes or things and changes that are happening now. Use the auxiliary verb 'be'; e.g. 'is', and a verb ending with '_ing'; e.g. 'is planning' or 'is strengthening'. Write about what the company is planning to do or what it is strengthening (see the examples above).

You can also use the present simple tense if you want to write about what the company usually, frequently or always does; e.g. 'Your organisation supplies products to the building industry, ...'(Click here to insert this phrase.)

Don't know what to write?
If you have no idea what the organisation does or wants, you can use this expression: 'Your organisation produces a high-quality service, and I can contribute to this with my..." (Click here to insert this sentence) [You can replace 'service' with 'product' if necessary, in the box below.]

Your << , and I can contribute to this with my  << and my .

See letter


Stage Three: Writing the Letter

<<< your address, LINE ONE.

<<< your address, line 2.

< your address, line 3 (optional).

< your address, line 4 (optional).

< your address, line 5 (optional).

< your home telephone number

< your mobile telephone number (leave this box empty if you don't have one)

Your e-mail address (don't use your HKPU e-mail if you will graduate soon. You can get a free e-mail from many organisations, e.g. Yahoo and Hotmail ) Your e-mail address:

< the date

Mr     Ms     Mrs      Dr.      Prof.      Other:

< Family name of the person you are writing to (if you don't know, leave it blank)

< Other names or initial of the person you are writing to (if you don't know, leave it blank)

Which is correct?   Click this dot if the name is correct
                       or    Click this dot if the name is correct

< The job title of the person you are writing to

< The name of the company you are applying to

< The address of the company you are writing to


Application for the Post of

a)  I am writing to apply for the post of  , which was advertised 

Where did you see the job advertised? Here are some examples:


 <<  on .


( OR, if you applying for a job that has NOT been advertised )
b) I am writing to enquire if you have any vacancies for a . See letter


My working experience as a (Job Title (optional)) at (Name of the company where you gained relevant experience)  

improved my my   and .


<<in << at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, graduating in . See letter

Subjects which I that are relevant to the post of , include

  1. <<

  2. <<

Final Year Project

Note: it is especially important for students doing technical subjects such as Engineering to complete this section. Some employers automatically reject applicants who do not give details of their projects.

My final year project entitled:

Carrying out this project my , and .
I how to

See letter

Extra-curricular Activities

Names of student organisations you have been in Posts you have held

While activities, I have improved my

, and

Your Choice of Company

Reason for choosing this company:

and .


Contact Details

When are you available for an interview? <<or

The company should contact you on: << 

Your full name: <<

Click this button to check that the above information is complete:

Your letter will look like this. Check it for any mistakes. You can change the text if you want. If you make a mistake and want to redo the letter from the above information, click this button:    You can copy the letter below by highlighting the text with your mouse, then copying it by clicking  Edit, Copy on the menu at the top of the screen.



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