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Example 1

Well, one of the instruments I like very much indeed is the flute. It's because it has a very haunting sound and that's something I particularly like. Particularly the classical flute and classical music played on the flute; Two particular flautists that I really like; one, his name is James Galway and in fact he has come to Hong Kong on a number of occasions to give a concert; and the other flautist who I really like is a Frenchman called Jean-Pierre Rampalle and I have a number of his CDs at home and enjoy very much listening to them. He also has performed in Hong Kong. Then on the other side of flutes, I really do like the pan flutes, the sounds that you hear many South American musicians playing. And we sometimes even see a little group of them in the street in Hong Kong and again, the flute there, the pan flute has a very haunting, interesting sound. One of my favourite instruments.