READING Practice Activity


Matching Sentence Endings (Causes and Effects)


Task Description

You will be provided with two lists. In most cases, one list contains a small number of causes and the other list contains a larger number of effects. The task is to find the effect which arose from (matches) each cause. Make sure you understand clearly what the words 'cause' and 'effect' mean!

Skills Tested

  1. understanding cause and effect relationships.
  2. understanding gist and paraphrase.
  3. skimming for information.

What you should do

  • Decide which list you should work from. Usually, the causes list is shorter than the effects list and so it is probably best to use it.
  • Read the first cause.
  • Look at the effects list. Some will be possible, some can probably be eliminated.
  • Find the section in the text which discusses the first cause and read it carefully to find the effect.
  • Then go back to the effects list and choose the one which paraphrases the information in the reading text.
  • If none of the effects listed seem to match, then keep reading the text. Quite often, causes have more than one effect.

Practice Tasks

Matching sentence endings (causes & effects) task 1 (Mammals)

Matching sentence endings (causes & effects) task 2 (Mantises)

Matching sentence endings (causes & effects) task 3 (Human Pheromone)