READING Practice Activity


Completing Sentences


Task Description

In this task, you have to complete a number of given unfinished sentences using information from the reading text. You are usually asked to write a maximum of three words; the instructions will make this clear.

Skills Tested

  1. understanding paraphrase in the incomplete sentences.
  2. skimming for general information.
  3. reading (scanning) for details.

What you should do

  • Check the instructions for the number of words required to complete each sentence (usually a maximum of 3).
  • Skim through all the incomplete sentences to see what information you are being asked for.
  • Look again at the first sentence then skim the text for the relevant section.
  • Check the sentence again to decide what specific information you need and locate it in the text.
  • The correct answer should fit the incomplete sentence grammatically and not exceed the word limit.
  • In some IELTS tests the instructions will say 'using words taken from the text'. Otherwise, you can use your own words or change words to suit the sentence grammatically.

Practice Tasks

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