READING Practice Activity


Writing Short Answers to Questions


Task Description

For this task, you need to read the text to answer questions in short note form. Answers are usually three words or less but check the instructions.

Skills Tested

  1. skimming for general information.
  2. scanning for details.
  3. identifying the focus of the question.
  4. possibly understanding paraphrase in the question.

What you should do

  • Read the instructions carefully and check the maximum number of words allowed. You may use words taken directly from the text or your own words.
  • Skim through all of the questions to get an idea of what information you will have to find in the text.
  • Read the first question again to decide exactly what information you are looking for. Find the relevant section of the text and the specific information.
  • As your answer is short, it will not be a complete sentence, but it should be grammatically correct.

Practice Tasks

Writing short answers to questions task 1 (Human Pheromone)

Writing short answers to questions task 2 (GM Foods)

Writing short answers to questions task 3 (Gecko Tape)