Listening Extra Practice - Section 3 - Practice 1

Before you listen, find a pen and paper to make notes as you listen.


These 10 questions relate to the discussion of a university assignment with a tutor.


A university assignment discussed with a tutor


Section 3 Questions 1 - 5

Complete the notes below.



The presentation lasts approximately (1) in total

The students have chosen to work on Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of (2) , written by (3)

The author of the book made his book into a (4)

The students think an important subject of Kubric’s film is a (5)


Section 3 Questions 6 - 10

Choose the correct letter A, B or C


(6) To present their ideas, the students will:

      A. read from the script

      B. will show some of the film

      C. will focus on the long introduction in the film


(7) The scene of the car ride is important because:

      A. the forests are very big

      B. the family get trapped in the forests

      C. there are bears in the forests


(8) The tutor thinks the students should:

      A. divide the presentation into two parts

      B. focus on different aspects of the film

      C. share the workload equally


(9) The question of why the caretaker is going mad:

      A. is irrelevant for the presentation

      B. is not that important for the presentation

      C. is the main point of the presentation


(10) The tutor thinks that focusing on film techniques:

      A. will be plenty of material for the time

      B. will not be enough material for the time

      C. will take too much time