READING Practice Activity


Answering Multiple Choice Questions


Task Description

The multiple choice questions will give you either an unfinished sentence or a question. This will be followed by four options (a,b,c,d), but only one will be correct. You should decide which one. The other three possibilities may seem likely; they may even be deliberately confusing, so make sure you read the sentence or question carefully.

Skills Tested

  1. Understanding the main points of the text (skimming).
  2. Understanding particular points (scanning).
  3. Understanding the paraphrasing or summarising used in the questions.
  4. Identifying facts or opinions in the text.

What you should do

  • Read the 'stem' sentence or question carefully, and instructions. Make sure you understand what it is asking for.
  • Skim read all the questions before you read the text, to get an idea of the topics.
  • Read the first question again more carefully. Decide what you will need to read to answer the question. Are you being asked for a particular detail? Or for an answer which requires an overall comprehension?
  • Read the text in the most suitable way to get the information (skimming or scanning).
  • If you are not sure of the answer, make your best guess at the end. Even a random guess is better than no answer as you are not penalised for an incorrect answer.

Practice Tasks

Multiple choice questions task 1 (Space Travel)

Multiple choice questions task 2 (Placebo)

Multiple choice questions task 3 (Mammals)