TALKING about free time activities

In the speaking test, the examiner may ask you about your leisure time activities; what you enjoy doing and why.

  • Is free time important to you? Why (not)?
  • Are you sporty, lazy, artistic, creative, a bookworm, a couch potato? Do you like dancing, singing, eating, daydreaming, window shopping, playing video or computer games, lying in a deckchair, making or repairing things, fishing, camping?
  • Why do you like the things you like doing? How do they make you feel? Challenged, exhilarated, relaxed, peaceful, energised, involved in a group or team, productive?
  • Do you do different things at different times of the year? Or the day?



Example 1

Example 1 (transcript)


Record yourself talking about one of your hobbies. After you have finished listen to yourself. Think about your use of vocabulary, your fluency, and your intonation. How could you improve?