Listening Extra Practice - Section 2 - Practice 1

Before you listen, find a pen and paper to make notes as you listen.


These 10 questions relate to an interview in which an ELC lecturer describes a summer programme for students at a Canadian university. Listen and answer the questions. At the end, you can check your answers. If you have a wrong answer, you can click the 'tips' button for that question to listen to the relevant section again. Clicking the 'answer' button enables you to check the correct answer.


A dialogue about a summer programme for students at a Canadian university.


Section 2 Questions 1 - 8

Complete the notes below.



(1) Adrian Lee is a citizen.

(2) The English Award Scheme summer programme is held in

(3) The programme lasts weeks.

(4) Activities include making a newspaper or working on

(5) The University does not want too many in order to keep a mix of nationalities.

(6) One aim is to improve students’ English skills and have

(7) The Dean of the Polytechnic has reserved $HK per year for the English Award Scheme.

(8) To get funding a student needs to put together a


Section 2 Questions 9 - 10

Choose the correct letter A, B or C


(9) It's important that students

      A. choose successful objectives from the start.

      B. learn as they go along.

      C. all choose the same kind of objectives.


(10) 15-20 students are ______ by the Committee

      A. interviewed

      B. examined

      C. eliminated