TALKING about food




Example 1

The most creative food that I make isn't actually for us, it's for our pets. A while back I came across all these recipes for making your own food for your animals to keep them fit and healthy, so on an average night, they now have slow cooked oatmeal, preferably organic, mixed with chopped up meat of some description: it's very important that it's raw, mixed in with the oatmeal, and then some vegetables ground up in the blender with some water. And when I'm really organized, I have a vitamin supplement powder, home-made, that I also add to the amazing dinner. So people often comment, when they see the dog dishes going down, that they wish they were eating it themselves!


Example 2

My favourite food is kimchi. Kimchi is a traditional Korean food that’s often eaten as a side-dish, with many different kinds of meals. The ingredients typically include cabbage, or another vegetable such as radish or cucumber, with garlic and ginger and hot pepper; the important thing is that it is fermented. It could be stored in vats for a long time while the vegetables ferment, and this creates a lot of health benefits; it creates healthy bacteria. So, Kimchi is not only very healthy, it is also quite delicious. Here in Hong Kong I usually buy store-bought kimchi, which is OK, but I really look forward to returning to Korea to have the original fresh kimchi.