Listening Extra Practice - Section 2 - Practice 3

Before you listen, find a pen and paper to make notes as you listen.


These 10 questions relate to a short talk on independent and lifelong learning.


A monologue about lifelong learning


Section 2 Questions 1 - 3

Choose the most appropriate phrase to complete the sentence.

(1) Lifelong learning involves ...

      A. continuing to attend college or university regularly throughout one's career.

      B. going to special life skills classes such as financial management, child rearing etc.

      C. approaching your career as a continual learning experience.


(2) An independent learner ...

      A. takes responsibility for their own learning objectives, study plan and progress.

      B. is not funded by any body and must pay for their studies themselves.

      C. cannot rely on any external facilities or advice.


(3) Departments help students to become independent learners by ... (choose 2 answers)

      A. sending them to the library for a certain number of hours per week.

      B. organising a 'mentor' to support and encourage the student in independent learning.

      C. enabling students to choose their own form of final assessment.

      D. organising exchanges and field trips outside campus or Hong Kong.

      E. requiring students to take courses in other departments, as well as their specialty subject.

Section 2 Questions 4 - 6

Complete the notes below.


(4) Learners are encouraged to come to the centre in groups, so that they can in the learning process.

(5) If learners need more help than they can provide to each other, they can ask

(6) After evaluating their progress, learners can decide to do more work on the same topic, or move on to another topic, either related or

Section 2 Questions 7 - 8

Name two more types of media that learners can use to improve their English.

English language videos


Online materials



Section 2 Question 9

(9) Name two physical opportunities that learners can use to improve their English off campus.


Section 2 Question 10

Choose the most appropriate phrase to complete the sentence.

(10) According to the speaker, lifelong learners need to be ...

      A. adoptable and practical.

      B. adept and functional.

      C. able and flexible.

      D. adaptable and flexible.