READING Practice Activity


Matching Features


Task Description

In this task you are given a number of statements. Some paraphrase or summarise what the writer said and some do not. You must demonstrate that you know what information the writer did or did not state on a particular topic, or whether the topic is not given, by choosing the correct option.

Skills Tested

  1. Skimming the text for general information.
  2. Scanning the text for details.
  3. Understanding paraphrase.
  4. Understanding suggestion or inference.

What you should do

  • Remember that only three of the possible features/answers are correct, but that the instructions may indicate a particular topic or aspect to concentrate on. Do not choose anything which does not fit into this category.
  • Read through the list of features/answers.
  • Scan the text and find the sections or paragraphs which you need to focus on.
  • Read those sections and select the appropriate three features/answers.

Practice Tasks

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