CILL has the following tools to help you learn English:

  • Alphabetiser - puts words into alphabetical order

  • ASCII converter - changes text into ascii code to disguise answers

  • Good point! - An ELC site for sharing your ideas on topics that you are interested in, and for reading about topics that you can use in discussions, seminars, presentations, papers and essays.

  • Idea Web - helps you to organise ideas for essays and presentations etc.

  • Job Advert Writer - a program that writes job adverts for you - fill in the boxes and choose from the options to write a job advertisement

  • Job Application Letter Writer - fill in the boxes and this program will write a job application letter for you, with correct content and good grammar.

  • Organisation Tool - helps you to re-organise lists; e.g. lists of topics to put in essays.

  • Pros and Cons Calculator - helps you decide which side of an argument is stronger

  • Presentation Planner - helps you to write presentations by asking you for all the necessary sections of a presentation. It then produces printable notecards and a script. It also reads your presentation to you to help with your pronunciation.

  • Resume Writer - fill in the boxes and this program will produce a resume for you.

  • Scanner - a program that highlights the words in a text that are easy for a reader to find. Use it to improve the organisation and reader-friendliness of your writing.

  • Differences - a program to show you the differences between two texts that you paste into it.


Last updated on: Tuesday, August 27, 2019