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Resume Writer Example

Resume Writer Example
This is an example resume produced by the Resume Writer program.

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Personal Data  
Name: Leung Kwok Keung, Kelvin  
H.K. I.D. Number: K644763(5)
Place of Birth: Hong Kong Nationality: Chinese
Address: 14C, Block 5
415, Electric Road
North Point
Hong Kong
Telephone: 26947384 (Home) 93882854 (Mobile)
E-mail: Fax: 26482845

Education and Qualifications
- Present
B.Sc. Computing
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hung Hom
Second Year Courses Foundations of Software Engineering - B+
System Programming - C
Computer Communications Networks - B+
System Modelling & Simulation - B
Foundations of Chinese Computing - C
First Year Courses Principles of Programming - B
Computer Systems Architecture I - C
Data Models and Analysis - B+
English for University Studies - C+
Discrete Structures - C
Computer Systems Architecture II - C
Discrete Structures and Data Models - B
St Michael's College
567, Kings Road
North Point
Hong Kong
HK DSE Maths - A
Liberal Studies - C
English - C
Chinese - C
Chemistry - B
Biology - B
Physics - B

Employment Record

Hing Fat Delivery Services
Office Assistant
 • Computing - setting up a customer database system
 • Filing and transferring information to the database
 • Administration - general administrative duties

Extracurricular Activities
- Present Computing Society Executive - Organising events such as O-camps for freshers week

Special Skills
Languages: English: Fluent
Cantonese: Native-speaker
Putonghua: Good
Written Chinese: Good
Computers: Proficient in C++, Java, SQL, Unix, PHP, ASP, MySQL, and Apache
Others: Grade 8 Piano

Hobbies and Sports

Basketball and soccer


Mr P Kwan
Dept of Computing
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong
2766 1234

Mr L Wong
St Michael's College
567, Kings Road
North Point
Hong Kong


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