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There is information about reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar on this Internet site too.

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CILL has 2 main types of videos - learning videos and authentic videos.

Learning Videos are designed for learning English. There are learning videos at Elementary, Early Intermediate, Internediate and Upper Intermediate levels.

Authentic Videos are films and TV programs on video. The films have worksheets to help you improve your English. The TV programs are recordings of Hong Kong TV English programs, and there are materials to help you learn English with these as well.

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You collect and return your portfolio at the reception desk. The staff at the desk can deal with any questions (daily operation or technical) you may have about the centre. Please feel free to ask. Try to do it in English.

The indexes are also at reception, on the computers, and in the Information Centre. You need these indexes to find the materials you need to study.

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The shelves have books and tapes on these subjects. They are colour-coded.

Reading Writing Listening Speaking Grammar
Vocabulary Pronunciation Business ---Readers--- Integrated
Multimedia Career English --Study Skills-- Dictionaries

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Help Desk

This is where the CILL teachers work. Click here to see who we are.

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The Indexes are the main way to find useful materials in CILL. They are not available on this Internet site, but you can use the lists of useful materials instead.

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These are the rules for using the photocopier in CILL:

1. A maximum of 4 full-sized A4 copies per student per day

2. All copies must be from materials in CILL only

3. Copyright must not be broken

4. Copying can only be done by staff or tutors, not by students, and

5. Details must be written in the Copy Book.

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Group Areas

This is an area where groups of students can work together. Because of the partitions you can practise speaking, discussions, presentations, and pronunciation without disturbing the other students. There is no need to book these areas.

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SAP Teachers' Desk

This is where the Speaking Assistance Program teachers sit when they are not teaching a SAP group. Click here to find out more about SAP.

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