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The suggested levels refer to those used in the Centre for Independent Language Learning at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and approximately relate to a student's score in the Form 7 Use of English exam.

If you didn't take this exam, you can ask a CILL tutor for help, or start at Early Intermediate ( EI ) level. Then, if EI level is too difficult, try Elementary level. If EI level is too easy, try Intermediate level.

CILL Level

Use of English Score

Elementary l

U / F

Early Intermediate l


Intermediate l

C / D

Upper Intermediate l

A / B



Departmental-specific materials in CILL

Click on the department in which you study:

  • ACCT - Accountancy
  • BRE - Building and Real Estate
  • BUSS - Business
  • CBS - Chinese and Bilingual Studies
  • CSE - Civil and Structural Engineering
  • EE - Electrical Engineering
  • HTM - Hotel and Tourism Management
  • ITC - Institute of Textiles and Clothing



Games, puzzles & quizzes



On-line help with language problems


Grammar guides

  • Phrasal verbs - Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe section on phrasal verbs



To practise your listening, speaking, reading & writing





To communicate with other learners around the world

  • PenPALS - pen-pals listed by sex and age - choose the category you are interested in, check the listings and click on the person you would like to would like to communicate with.


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