Speaking Assistance Programme (SAP)

If you are a degree or higher diploma student on a UGC-funded programme in the PolyU, then the SAP is for you!!

SAP Service

The Speaking Assistance Programme aims to help students gain the confidence and skills to speak fluently in a variety of university and workplace settings. The programme is based on a negotiated programme, therefore students are expected to make decisions on what aspect of speaking they would like to focus on each session. The teacher's role is that of guide and feedback provider.

Examples of oral topics include: social discussion, debate of a current affairs topic, presentation practice, pronunciation focus.

We have a range of materials, games, videos and worksheets for students to use if they so desire. Alternatively, students may bring their own resources.

Make an Appointment

Making an appointment
Simply select a timeslot from the ELC Online Booking System. If you have any difficulties, ask one of our counter staff in the CILL to help.

For enquiries, please go to our CILL counter (A305) or call 2766 7526.

Cancelling an appointment
If, for any reason, you cannot attend a WAP/SAP session, you MUST cancel your appointment as soon as possible, at least three days in advance, so that another student can take your time slot. Demand for the WAP/SAP is great, so please be considerate.

NOTE: You will be counted as absent, if you:

  1. do not cancel your appointment,
  2. are over 10 minutes late for a WAP/SAP session.

Students who have been absent twice will not be able to make any advance WAP/SAP bookings for that semester.


We have a range of materials available on the shelves outside the SAP rooms in CILL. Students can browse these resources to select appropriate activities for their session or they can bring along their own materials.

Other useful materials available in the CILL and related to speaking practice include:

  • Effective Presentations VIDEO
  • Effective Socialising VIDEO
  • Effective Meeting VIDEO
  • Pronunciation CD-ROM