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Print out this page and use it as a checklist to help you to prepare for the job interview assignment. Tick the boxes
when you have completed each activity.
Week Activity and Materials


Receive details of the assignment from your teacher.

Form company groups

  1. Decide in your group on a job that is available in your company. Write an advert for this job.
  2. To help applicants to prepare for the interview you should also write a company profile giving background information about your company.

          Send your company's job advert and company profile to the applicants:

  • Job Advert Writer - a program that writes job adverts for you - fill in the boxes and choose from the options to write a job advertisement
  • Company Profile Form - company groups should fill this in to give to applicants
  1. Read the job advert and company profile you receive.
  2. Send your job application letter and resume to the company you are applying to:

Receive job application letters and resumes from applicants to your company.
Read them.
Using the information from the applicants' job application letters and resumes, fill in some of the Interview Panel Checklist. This will save you time in the assignment.

4 & 5 Revise for the assignment:
  • Job Interview Quiz - quiz with questions, advice and feedback on good and bad interview answers
  • Panel Discussion (not in all courses) - example phrases and an ordering activity

Do the assignment.
Materials: Interview Panel Checklist - print this out and use it during the interview to record details of the applicants

6 Get feedback from your teacher and classmates on your performance in the assignment.
Think about how you could improve for when you go to a real job interview.



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