EIW Company Profile

1. Company Name
2. Group Members




3. What product(s) or service(s) does your company provide?
4. Where are your headquarters?
5. How many people do you employ?
6. Do you have offices in other countries? If so, where?
7. Who is your main competitor?
8. What supplies do you need?
9. Where do you get supplies from?
10. From what country/countries?
11. From which company?
12. Where are your markets?
13. What is your
 - market share?
 - turnover?
 - net profit?
14. Are you growing, shrinking or holding steady?
15. What are your most promising products and/or markets?
16. What kind of public image do you have?
Adapted from Riley, D. (1996). Reward intermediate business resource pack. Heinemann.


Last updated on: Monday, March 26, 2012