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Inscribe: Issue 3

Inscribe: A journal of undergraduate student writing

Inscribe is a refereed electronic journal which publishes writing by local and overseas undergraduate students from all disciplines at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. By showcasing polished and professionally written work by students, the journal allows students to experience an academic publishing environment which provides a platform to develop their publication and research skills. The journal is now looking forward to the next issue and is asking for your contributions!

The coming Issue in September features a range of outstanding student writing, including a short story, an academic essay, a film review, and an Engineering project proposal. The pieces will be open to access by the University and wider communities through the interactive publishing platform. We welcome intellectual discussion and commentary on student authors’ work! Please do visit our Inscribe site.

Click the link to read the winning story in the 2017 Reader’s Choice Award, ‘The Secret of the Mooncake’, by Winson Pan.

Do you want your writing to be featured in Inscribe? Submissions are invited throughout the year. Only submissions with good potential will be tentatively accepted. These papers will then undergo a series of reviewing and editing processes, including a one-hour tutorial meeting between the student and a journal editor. Only papers that have been polished to a satisfactory standard will be officially accepted for publication. Through the editing experience, students will be empowered to become independent writers and researchers. Please do submit your outstanding assignments (or your students’ assignment) to us: inscribe@polyu.edu.hk !

Free Online Courses: Reading for Pleasure and Learning4Life

FREE Online Courses from the ELC

The ELC has developed a range of online courses and materials which are FREE of charge and open to ALL!

What are the courses?

Read something for FUN! And also develop your general READING SKILLS

Read something for FUN! And also develop your general READING SKILLS.

Online self-paced independent learning. Log-on, laugh, like, learn.

Online self-paced independent learning. Log-on, laugh, like, learn.

When can I study?

You can study anywhere and any time. You just need an internet connection!

How do I register?

Follow these three easy steps!

Step 1: Create an account here: https://account.keep.edu.hk/account/signup

Step 2: Activate your account

Step 3: Join course!

Reading for Pleasure: https://bit.do/ELC-Read

Learning4Life: http://bit.do/learning4life

Do you have any materials on IELTS?

Yes, we do! Go here: https://elc.polyu.edu.hk/IELTS/

These materials are free of charge and open to everyone without registration!

I don’t only want to study online. Where can I meet people to improve my English?

Go to CILL, A305 and Z213. Join the CILL workshops and speak to the CILL Help Desk teacher!

Join the ELC Reading group: https://elc.polyu.edu.hk/ReadingClub/

Join the ELC IELTS workshops! Check the ELC News for updates!

What are you waiting for? Join these online courses NOW!


English@Work: Job applications Live Q&A Session with Jobs DB Jonathan Pok

The ELC’s MOOC hosted a Live Q&A Session with Jobs DB’s Jonathan Pok in February 2017.


During the Live Q&A Session, Jonathan introduced the various functions of the Jobs DB website, including the job seeker’s view, the employer’s view, and way that Jobs DB sends weekly emails highlighting possible job opportunities.

The working culture of Hong Kong and other Asian countries was also covered. Watch the video to find out the differences between Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

We had hundreds of viewers from around the world watching the Live Q&A Session and asking questions. Interesting questions which were asked included:

  • What would be the main piece of advice for those creating their online profiles?
  • How would applying for a job in Asia differ from, say, the United States or Europe?
  • How important are referees in an application?
  • How important is it to get your foot in the door for a fresh graduate?

Watch a recording of the Live Q&A Session here.

The ELC MOOCs are running again from September 2017.

Enrol now! It’s FREE for all. Study anywhere, anytime, at your own pace!

New Staff Introductions

Marshall Yin

Hello everyone, I’m Marshall Yin, a new instructor at the ELC. I’m excited to be here, and very grateful for the warm welcome. My doctoral thesis focused on intercultural communication, my master’s thesis explored computer-aided language learning, and my teaching certifications include TESOL, ESL, special needs, early childhood, health and PE. I have taught at universities, public schools, international schools, and prisons in Hong Kong and America. My wife and I have been blessed with four children - three boys and a girl (there’s never a dull moment at home!). I enjoy playing ice hockey, basketball, tennis, American football, swimming, and hiking.



Kawai Wong


I have been teaching in the US and China for over a decade, working with students from various backgrounds to help them speak and write more effectively. Before joining the ELC, I worked at Parsons The New School of Design in New York City, where I taught art, design, and engineering students how to express their ideas better and to discuss their own perspectives on their respective fields. I also taught Freshman Composition at The City University of New York (CUNY), guiding both native and non-native-speaking students to become more descriptive, persuasive, and analytical in both their academic and personal prose. Besides teaching, I also tutored both undergraduate and graduate students at New York University as a Speech and Writing Consultant.

For the past three spring semesters, I have had the privilege to participate in a professional exchange program as part of the dual-degree partnership CUNY has with Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) in Chengdu, China. At SWUFE, I trained second-year business students to communicate better in English so that they would have an easier transition once they arrived in New York City to finish their final two years at CUNY. It was a thoroughly fantastic experience.

Likes most:

Everyone from the teaching staff to the administrative team has been generous with their time and energy in helping me to become a member of the team. I am also fortunate to be sharing an office with Marshall, another new hire, who is very laid-back, easy-going, and kind enough to let me have the desk by the window.

At the ELC, I am looking forward to working with our students to help them succeed as I have with many before.

Areas of interest:

I would like to learn more about fostering meaningful student-teacher and student-student interactions on e-learning platforms and to understand better the impact that education and language policies have on a language learner's motivation and ultimate attainment.



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