CILL Orientation Video Quiz

Watch the video and answer the questions.

  1. What does CILL stand for?


    Centre for Independent Language Learning. CILL is a self-access English Language Learning Centre where you can study by yourself or with a group of friends to improve your English, and get one-to-one help from an English teacher.


  2. Where is CILL? 


    A305 on the third floor of Core A.

    AG305 is the wrong room, it is between A and G cores, but CILL is at the end of A core.
    AG612 is the English Language Centre General Office on the 6th floor.

  3. Where can I get the folders with background information on some movies?


    In the movie corner. The folders of some movies contain detailed information and background about some movies.


  4. The CILL materials, such as books, are labelled according to level.
    What are the four levels?


    Elementary, Early-intermediate, Intermediate, and Upper-intermediate. There is no Advanced level.


  5. How can I practice pronunciation in CILL?


    Answer: You may record your speech and compare it with speaker’s model or use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) worksheet with the help here.


  6. How can I select the right materials to learn English independently?


    Answer: Use the CILL pathways and the index on the computer.


  7. What does it mean by “05” when I search for materials from the material index on the computer?


    Answer: That means chapter 5 of the book you are looking for


  8. What does TB mean on the labels on books?


    Teachers' Book
    You should look in the Teachers' Book to find the answers to activities and exercises in the students' book.

  9. What does the green spot on the book represent?


    Answer: The green spot means the book is of “Intermediate” level.

  10. What does SAP  stand for?


    Speaking Assistance Programme

    You can book fifty-minute SAP sessions during which they work with one of our qualified, highly experienced English language teachers on acquiring or further developing the English language speaking skills that are required in their academic and professional lives. You might choose to work on the language skills required for academic discussions, job interviews or oral presentations.

  11. What does WAP stand for?


    Writing Assistance Programme

    One-to-one WAP writing sessions are available for your students who wish to improve the skills required to write, for example, effective academic essays, job applications, term papers and final-year projects.

  12. You want to ask a question about English in CILL.
    What should you do?


    You should go to the Help Desk and ask the teacher. The teacher will answer your questions or teach you how to find the information yourself. Some of the teachers are locals and some are westerners. You can also chat with the teacher about your learning objectives to improve English.

  13. Which CILL seminars have been organised in CILL?


    How to improve English in the workplace. You may also put forward some suggestions for seminar topics.

  14. Can CILL help me with external exams such as IELTS?


    Maybe - CILL has materials for some external exams, such as IELTS, TOEFL, HK 'A' level and GRE. These materials are on the Exams shelf. CILL also sometimes does workshops on exams. Please ask at Reception.

  15. How should you record the number of hours you have studied in CILL?


    With the smart card reader at reception

    You should put your smart card on the reader either at reception or near the notice board when you enter and exit CILL.

  16. What should you do to achieve the CILL Bronze Certificate?

  17. To watch the CILL orientation video and finish the quiz you should spend


    You should spend 60 minutes on this.

  18. To read and fill in worksheets in the book “The Study Skills Handbook” (3rd edition) written by Stella Cottrell (2008) you should spend hours


    8 hours. Doing these worksheets will help you understand your learning styles, your strengths and weaknesses, and what you need to study.

  19. To read and fill in some of the blue CILL study worksheets, for example on grammar, vocabulary or job seeking skills, you should spend hours.


    You should spend 5 hours. Using these worksheets will help you to apply the skills you learned from “The Study Skills Handbook”.

  20. To fill in the CILL Needs Analysis and Planning Form you should spend


    You should spend 60 minutes on this.

  21. When is the deadline to achieve the Bronze Certificate in academic year


    31 August

  22. Can I follow the CILL on Facebook?


    Yes, search for "Hong Kong PolyU CILL" on Facebook

  23. Your total score is:


Last updated on: Tuesday, September 13, 2016