Writing Assistance Programme (WAP)

If you are a degree or higher diploma student on a UGC-funded programme in the PolyU, then the WAP is for you!!

We provide individual, professional advice on all aspects of your writing - by appointment or on a drop-in basis.

We won't proofread your paper, but we will help you think critically about your own writing and give you some reader suggestions to hopefully make it more effective.

WAP Service

What the WAP is
The Writing Assistance Programme, modelled after the Writing Center in North American universities, is a writing service offered by the English Language Centre to all students enrolled in UGC-funded degree or higher diploma programmes. Our goal is to help you become a better writer by providing you with professional feedback on your writing that can hopefully develop your writing skills and confidence.

What the WAP is not
We are not a proofreading service and we do not correct errors for you, but we will help you identify possible errors and areas of improvement.

So, what do we do?
We are happy to show you strategies for improving your writing, such as how to:

  • generate and develop ideas;
  • organise your content in logical paragraphs;
  • understand the expectations of your target reader;
  • learn paraphrasing and referencing skills;
  • find appropriate ways to express your ideas;
  • explain grammar points.

We also have:

  • free, take-away learning resources on how to plan, organise and write better;
  • guidelines on what the various departments in PolyU require of students' final year project;
  • guidelines on what employers in Hong Kong want to see and not see in job application documents.

What you should do
You should make a WAP appointment well in advance and bring with you to WAP:

(i) academic writing, e.g. a written assignment, an essay, a lab report or a final year dissertation,
(ii) personal writing, e.g. scholarship application, job application, a debate speech or a newsletter that you are writing for your club or association;
(iii) if you haven't actually started writing yet, the writing task or assignment question; and you can discuss ways to get started with a WAP teacher.

Important points to remember

  • Come to the WAP early in your writing process so that you have enough time to revise your writing after receiving comments from a WAP teacher. Then you can come again after you have revised your draft.
  • Our sessions are all 50 minutes long, and once you have finished an appointment, you can book the next one.
  • Remember: BOOK EARLY or you may not get an appointment!

Make an Appointment

Making an appointment
Simply select a timeslot from the ELC Online Booking System. If you have any difficulties, ask one of our counter staff in the CILL to help.

For enquiries, please go to our CILL counter (A305) or call 2766 7526.

Cancelling an appointment
If, for any reason, you cannot attend a WAP/SAP session, you MUST cancel your appointment as soon as possible, at least three days in advance, so that another student can take your time slot. Demand for the WAP/SAP is great, so please be considerate.

NOTE: You will be counted as absent, if you:

  1. do not cancel your appointment,
  2. are over 10 minutes late for a WAP/SAP session.

Students who have been absent twice will not be able to make any advance WAP/SAP bookings for that semester.