Bronze Certificate


CILL Certificate Scheme

You may download the CILL Certificate Scheme leaflet here.

Who can apply for a CILL certificate?

You can be awarded a CILL certificate based on the number of hours you spend and the amount of work you do in the CILL. Hours, including those spent on the WAP and SAP, are calculated for each academic year only, i.e. from now to 31 August In order to win a CILL award, you should record your study hours in the CILL by using the smart card reader when you enter and leave the CILL. Hours are not counted if you do not use your smart card.

What you receive

  • a bronze certificate
  • a bronze CILL label

What you need to do

CILL study worksheetsBlue CILL study worksheets

15 hours of learning in the CILL, which should be made up by:

  • spending 1 hour watching the CILL orientation video and finishing the CILL quiz;
  • spending 8 hours reading and filling in the worksheets in the book "The Study Skills Handbook" (3rd edition) written by Stella Cottrell (2008). Copies are available in CILL.
  • spending 5 hours using the CILL study worksheets (in the blue trays next to the photocopier), for example on practising grammar, vocabulary and job interview skills;
  • spending 1 hour filling in the CILL Needs Analysis and Planning Form.

How to apply

When you have studied for 15 hours, ask the counter staff for a CILL hours-checking form. Complete the form and return it to the staff. You can collect the form the following day. You need to hand in your work in a folder to the CILL counter. Counter staff can answer your enquiries about the CILL certificate scheme.


Last updated on: Tuesday, September 05, 2017