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As an integral part of the English Language Centre, the CILL was set up in support of the University's aims to facilitate the learning experience of our students by using state-of-the-art, innovative, learner-centred methodologies, with effective programmes, including the Speaking Assistance Programme and Writing Assistance Programme, to further develop English language skills relevant to their courses of study and future careers.

Aims of the Centre

The primary aim of the Centre is to encourage HKPU students to develop their English language proficiency. In this, it is seen as supporting the English Language Centre's regular contribution to course curricula and the SAP and WAP.

Philosophy of the Centre

The philosophy of the Centre is that each learner should be able to approach language learning in a way that takes account of his or her own language needs and learning style.

Learners are expected to decide for themselves when to study, their pace of study, the level and type of materials that they use, and the type of learning tasks that they do.

At the same time the Centre will provide pedagogical and administrative support, including professional language counselling.

Academically, the Centre's progress will be monitored and evaluated to provide first-hand experiential input for action research into learner independence in language learning.

Facilities & Materials

The Centre aims to provide learners with a wide range of different types of materials that can help them in the development of their language skills. While the Centre is technologically well-equipped, equal emphasis is placed on more 'traditional` learning approaches and the Centre's human resources.

Facilities and materials include:

  • TV/VCRs with educational and other videos, and accompanying worksheets
  • multimedia computers with educational programs, access to the Internet and E-mail conferencing
  • audio-cassette players with language-learning tapes for listening and pronunciation practice
  • a large selection of language-learning books for practice and reference
  • a comprehensive set of indexes to help learners access materials relevant to their needs
  • areas for group discussion and listening practice
  • a range of worksheets giving practice in various language areas.
CILL Computers


Last updated on: Friday, March 23, 2012