Panel Phrases Ordering

Aim: The aim of this activity is to help you  learn some phrases to use in a panel discussion.
This exercise is also available for printing and editing as an MS Word file. Related exercise: Job Interview Quiz

Instructions: Put the following phrases into the correct order by either:

  1. clicking first on the phrase you want to move, then on the place you want to move it to. This swaps the phrases. Or:
  2. moving the phrases up and down by pressing the and arrows.

     Then click the Check Answers button below. Click to start. Click here for help.

Move phrase up:                       Move phrase down:   .  



How to move phrases:

  1. Click on the phrase you want to move
  2. Click on the up or down arrow above the phrases
  3. Click the arrow again until the phrase is in the right place,


  1. Click on a phrase you want to move.
  2. Click on the place you want to move it to. The phrases will swap over. Look at the gray status bar at the bottom of the screen for details of what is happening.

Tips on using this page:

  1. Move the first phrase to the top of the box
  2. Move the second phrase to the second line
  3. When you have put all the phrases in the right place, click the 'Check Answers' button.


'commensurate': Meaning: appropriate, level with, equal to. Use: used for comparing salary to ability.


Last updated on: Monday, March 26, 2012