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  • The Homework Tasks below contain more than 6 hours of self-study. Your classroom English teacher may suggest you do some of these for homework, or you could choose those that interest you.
  • Some of the tasks listed below should be done in the Centre for Independent Language Learning (CILL). You will need to join CILL by doing an orientation which takes about 20 to 30 minutes when the CILL teachers will explain to you how to use the centre effectively.
  • It is a good idea to keep your work in a folder so that you can show it to your teacher if you have any questions, and for reference if you want a CILL attendance certificate. For this certificate you need to write a short essay detailing what you have learned.


Homework Tasks

On-line Tasks

1. Diagnostic Grammar Test: find out your grammar problems and how to solve them - use this link if you have a PolyU student ID, or else use the Diagnostic Grammar Test, Section Two, Part Two (1 hour)
Do Test Two, Section Two, and work on the problems that the test shows you have.
The test has references to explanations and exercises in the grammar book English Grammar in Use, which you can find in CILL on the grammar shelf at intermediate level or in the library at PE1112 .M86 1994 (7 copies).

2. Practise writing references by using the reference machine. This is a computer program on an Internet page. You fill in the details of the reference, and the program automatically formats it correctly for you.

3. References: bibliographic referencing error correction exercise.


CILL Homework

What to study Where to find it
Writing a bibliography A Study Skills Handbook (Study skills, I) Unit 7
Using in-text citations & writing a reference list Writing Research Papers (Study skills, I) Unit 10, Pages 309 – 332
Don't forget:
  • Answers are at the back of the books or in the Teacher’s Book
  • A teacher can help you correct your work or find more material



  • UI - Upper-intermediate
  • I -   Intermediate
  • EI - Early-intermediate



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