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The Silver Certificate

CILL Certificate Scheme

You may download the CILL Certificate Scheme leaflet here.

What you receive

  • a Silver Certificate
  • a silver CILL label
  • a photo on the membership bulletin board

What you need to do

  1. Study for 30 hours in the CILL.
  2. Create and use your own portfolio effectively as a record of your studies in the CILL. In your portfolio, you should provide evidence, including completed worksheets, of independent learning.
  3. Get a report from the CILL counter and write a report about your studies in CILL.
  4. The report should be about 200 words and include information about:
    • the areas you have studies - e.g. grammar, vocabulary, speaking skills
    • how you studied - the materials you used - what you did
    • which materials helped you the most
    • the most useful things you did in the CILL
    • the progress you feel you have made
    • how the CILL has helped you become and independent language learner

How to apply

When you have studied for 30 hours, you should write your report. Please give your portfolio, report and the CILL hours checking form to the counter staff.


The Gold Certificate

What you receive

  • a Gold Certificate
  • a gold CILL label
  • a photo on the membership bulletin board
  • a 30-minute one-on-one teacher consultation in the CILL
  • a letter of commendation for your parent department (for current students only, not alumni)

What you need to do

  1. Study for a further 15 hours after you have achieved the Silver Certificate.
  2. Record your study hours in the CILL by using the smart card reader when you enter and leave CILL. Hours are not counted if you do not use the card.
  3. Email us to enroll in the Gold Award on Blackboard.
  4. Use the e-portfolio on Blackboard to record your independent learning, both in and out of the CILL. You have to complete these Five Gold Award Worksheets and upload them together with your other work records (e.g. CILL study worksheets) to the Gold Award Blackboard site. You will receive online advice and feedback about your e-portfolio.
  5. Write a reflection of about 200 words on your study following your Silver Certificate.

How to apply

You may attend a training session on the e-portfolio before or during the extra 15 hours, and that 15 hours of work should be recorded in the e-portfolio. You should also upload your files and then give the CILL hours-checking form to the counter staff.



Last updated on: Wednesday, August 08, 2018