Materials for Grammar - Passive Voice (Intermediate)

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On this page: Learning Materials, Practice Activities, Internet Links on the Passive Voice.

Choose one of the learning materials below.

Material Unit/Pages
Practical English Usage
(Grammar shelf) I
Pages 407 - 414
English Grammar Lessons
(Grammar shelf) UI
Unit 23 B
Grammar Rom -CD 1
(Multimedia shelf)

When you have finished using one piece of material, either choose another or move on to one of the practice activities below.


Practice activities

Material Unit/Pages
English Grammar in Use
(Grammar shelf) I
Units 41- 43
Advanced English Practice
(Grammar shelf) UI
Pages 107 - 120
English Grammar Lessons
(Grammar shelf) UI
Unit 23 D



  • answers are at the back of the books or in the Teacher Book
  • try using the self-correction sheet (in the Activity Sheets drawers)
  • a tutor can help you correct your work or find more material


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